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label — Property in class at.containers.BookmarkDrop
This is the value for the number of the drop location on the circle.
label — Property in class at.controls.SiteMap3DPanel
The title of the Section to display in the titleLabel.
label — Property in class at.datacollection.data.form.MultipleResultStruct
label — Property in class at.events.HistoryChangedEvent
Holds the label value as a string.
labelField — Property in class at.controls.HFixedScrollThumb
labelField — Property in class at.controls.VDataScrollThumb
The label to which the text is placed.
labelField — Property in class at.controls.VFixedScrollThumb
labelField — Property in class at.display.BookmarkButtonBarNavigator
labelField — Property in class at.display.ButtonBarNavigator
Value in to use for the dataProvider to use for the label of the Buttons.
labelText — Property in class at.controls.SiteMap3DDataList
The Text that appears on the ScrollThumb.
labelText — Property in class at.controls.SiteMap3DSectionItemRenderer
The text for the Label.
labelText — Property in class at.display.MultiColumnViewItemRenderer
The text for the label.
lastId — Property in class at.db.sql.SQLEngineStatement
Returns the last inserted id from the SQL query.
_lastObject — Property in class at.controls.SlideRepositoryTileList
Holder for the last object rendered as a BitimapAsset, for optimization purposes.
lastPosition — Property in class at.datacollection.DataItemVideo
Provide Documentation
layoutCarousel() — Method in class at.containers.Base3DContainer
Lays out all of the items in a circular fashion with each of the items facing in one direction towards the viewer.
layoutImageStack() — Method in class at.containers.Base3DContainer
Updates the positions of all of the items in the component if layoutMode is set to imageStack.
layoutMode — Property in class at.containers.Base3DContainer
The layout mode for the component.
layoutMode — Property in class at.display.ImageStackNavigator
Determines how the visuals are displayed.
lbl — Property in class at.display.SiteMapImageViewItemRenderer
The Text component for the label.
LEFT — Constant static property in class at.core.CallSwitcherDirections
Causes the 3D cube to rotate from right to left.
list — Property in class at.controls.SiteMap3DPanel
The SiteMapDataList that holds all of the Slide information.
list — Property in class at.modules.SiteMap3DModule
The List on the left-hand side of the component.
LIST_PREV_NEXT — Constant static property in class at.core.ImageNavigatorDisplayOrder
Sets the display for the ImageNavigator to have the previousButton and nextButtons grouped together after the imageList.
listWidth — Property in class at.modules.AnnotationModule
LiveData — Class in package at.datacollection.utils
This class is intended for debugging use only.
LiveData() — Constructor in class at.datacollection.utils.LiveData
load() — Method in class at.display.AnnotatedDocument
Loads the html file into the component.
load(url) — Method in class at.display.PDFViewer
Loads the given PDF document URL.
loadBrand(arg1) — Method in interface at.modules.IPresentationModule
Sets the current brand and loads all brand-related data.
loadBrand(brandID) — Method in class at.modules.PresentationModule
Loads a brand based on the specified brand ID.
loadCall(arg1) — Method in interface at.modules.IPresentationModule
Retreives call data from the DataInterface and updates the SlideManager's dataprovider with the results.
loadCall(callID) — Method in class at.modules.PresentationModule
Retreives call data from the DataInterface and updates the SlideManager's dataprovider with the results.
loadConfigError(e) — Method in class at.modules.AnnotationModule
Alerts that there was an error loading the configXML.
loadConfigXML() — Method in class at.modules.AnnotationModule
A way to load the configuration XML manually or if the autoLoad is set to false.
loadData(data, setHomeToDefault_noEvents, navigateHomeAndDispatchEvents) — Method in class at.managers.SlideManager
Uses the specified XMLList as a datasource for navigation requests.
loadDefaultCall(indicationId) — Method in class at.modules.PresentationModule
Attempts to load the default call for the indication.
loadDetail(url) — Method in class at.display.AnnotationDetail
Loads the detail based on the url.
loadDetail(url) — Method in class at.display.AnnotationList
Loads content using a SWFLoader into the detail window
loadedData — Property in interface at.managers.INavigationManager
loadedData — Property in class at.managers.SlideManager
The data that is loaded into the manager via the loadData method.
loadedData — Property in class at.modules.PresentationModule
Returns the data loaded into the slideManager via the loadData method.
loader — Property in class at.display.ImageNavigatorItemRenderer
loader — Property in class at.display.ImageStackHolder
The loader for content into the component.
loader — Property in class at.display.SlideDisplay
The SWFLoader in the component.
loadFromOverlayRequest(e:at.events:OverlayEvent) — Static method in class at.modules.OverlayModule
This method, through the event passed in, loads an item into a newly created SWFLoader to be displayed in an OverlayWindow.
loadIndication(arg1, arg2) — Method in interface at.modules.IPresentationModule
Loads all data associated with an indication.
loadIndication(indicationID, autoLoadDefaultCall) — Method in class at.modules.PresentationModule
Loads all data associated with an indication.
LOADING_IMAGE — Constant static property in class at.display.EveDefaultImagery
The loading image for the SiteMap3DModule.
loadMissingImage(e) — Method in class at.display.SlideTiler
Loads a default image if a file cannot be found.
loadOverlay(e:at.events:OverlayEvent) — Static method in class at.modules.OverlayModule
The loadOverlay method takes an OverlayEvent and passes it to the appropriate handler, based on its type.
loadSlideManager() — Method in class at.modules.PresentationModule
loadState(state) — Method in class at.containers.PreCallBase
loadState(state) — Method in class at.display.EveWindowed
loadState(arg1) — Method in interface at.display.IEveWindowed
loadState(state) — Method in interface at.managers.IHistoryManagerClient
loadState(arg1) — Method in interface at.modules.IPresentationModule
Handles any request from the HistoryManager to restore a point in history into the PresentationModule.
loadState(state) — Method in class at.modules.PresentationModule
Handles any request from the HistoryManager to restore a point in history into the PresentationModule.
loadWindowedPDF(url, uniqueID) — Method in class at.display.PDFViewer
Loads the windowed PDF document URL.
lockable — Property in class at.managers.SlideManager
If true, locks navigation for the duration specified in the lockTimeLimitMSec property.
lockNav — Property in class at.managers.SlideManager
Indicates that navigation has been locked and navigation requests will be ignored.
lockTimeLimitMSec — Property in class at.managers.SlideManager
Duration to lock navigation (ignore requests) for when lockable is set to true.
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