IEveWindowed This interface represents the methods used in the eVE EveWindowed Class.
 IMultiColumnViewItemRenderer Determines what an itemRenderer for the MultiColumnView requires.
 INavigationUI Sets properties all navigational components must have.
 INavigationUIDataChange This interface extends the INavigationUI interface.
 AnnotatedDocument Part of the AnnotationModule that shows the availble annotations from a configuration XML file loaded in to the Module.
 AnnotationDetail The AnnotationDetail component displays loaded content to augment detail in the AnnotationDocument.
 AnnotationList The AnnotationList contains an Accordion component to display sections of annotations.
 BookmarkButtonBarNavigator The BookmarkButtonBarNavigator extends the ButtonBarNavigator to show a list of all the bookmarks for a call.
 BookmarkSlideItemRenderer Item renderer for the BookmarkTileList.
 BookmarkTileList A convenience class to have visual bookmarks.
 BreadcrumbDisplay The BreadcrumbDisplay is a visual trail of the current path into the program.
 ButtonBarNavigator Based on XML loaded into slideNavXML, rows of buttons are created to navigate sections of content.
 CallButtonBarNavigator The CallButtonBarNavigator extends the ButtonBarNavigator to show a list of all the calls for an indication.
 CallSwitcher The CallSwitcher component transitions from one display to a different display via a 3-dimensional rotating cube.
 EveDefaultFonts All the default fonts used in the eVE framework.
 EveDefaultImagery All of the default imagery for eVE.
 EveWindowed EveWindowed defines a WindowedApplication based on the Adobe AIR framework.
 ImageNavigator The ImageNavigator class is a INavigationUI component that requires a navigation dataProvider to operate.
 ImageStackNavigator The ImageStackNavigator is a navigation component to view content as visual panes in a 3D space.
 MultiColumnView The MultiColumnView is a tri-tiered menu component.
 MultiColumnViewItemRenderer This is the itemRenderer for the MultiColumnView component.
 PDFViewer PDFViewer This class displays PDF files using the HTMLLoader class.
 QuickViewSlideItemRenderer Item renderer for the QuickViewModule.
 Repbag The Repbag is a tri-tiered menu component that extends its functionality from MultiColumnView.
 SiteMapImageViewItemRenderer Item renderer for the SiteMapModule image view.
 Slide Defines common methods and properties for slides used within eVE.
 SlideDisplay The SlideDisplay class is a convenience class that contains a SmoothSWFLoader.
 SlideDropTargetItemRenderer The item renderer for the dropped area for slides in the PreCallModule.
 SlideItemRenderer The itemRenderer for the PreCallModule and the QuickViewModule.
 SlideTiler A navigational UI component that allows navigation via tiling the loaded imagery specified by XML into windows.
 SlideTilerWindow The window used in the SlideTiler that loads and unloads images or swf content.
 TrainingButton Sub class of button for use with the training overlay module feature.