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Laser Meme

Launched to the iTunes App Store on April 9th, Laser Meme lets you create meme-like images with text over the image. Save it out to your photo library or post it to Facebook or Twitter.

The app currently utilizes ShareKit for connection to the Facebook and Twitter APIs. I hope to add more features as it gets used and people request them.

View on the iTunes App Store

iPad Framework

Interactive Visual Aids (IVAs) are quickly being transitioned to the iPad because of the ease of use and overall utility, especially in the enterprise. These apps are used by sales representatives to educate health care professionals about drugs, typically in a one-on-one situation.

eVE for iPad is an Objective-C based framework to facilitate IVA development. I designed the experience for the two biggest pieces of the application, the PreCall and Presentation view controllers in addition to developing them. Content for the framework can be quickly developed in HTML or Objective-C.

The goal is for the framework to be simple enough that incredibly complex tasks can be handled in a few lines of code. It offers, in one line of code, Address Book or Salesforce.com contact syncing. Most functionality is baked-in by default with ability to override default behavior allowing for unlimited creative flexibility.


iPad ILP app

The Tarceva iPad app is an Interactive Learning Program (ILP) used by sales representatives at trade shows to detail common patient types to doctors.

The application uses OpenGL to display an interactive 3D wall of example patients. Buttons in the bar at the bottom of the app filter the patients to reveal a patient with the assigned criteria.

This project was completed in 2 months and was created for an enterprise environment. It is only approved to be shown to people outside of the United States due to FDA restrictions on the content.


My focus has changed in the time since I registered this domain in 1999, from design to development. I am proud of what I have accomplished in that time, including this website.

ichibod.com has been completely overhauled. This site uses the Text Layout Framework (included with Flex 4) to render “crispy” text in Flash. It loads content from a custom-built CMS running on CakePHP. Everything was written from the ground up to create an easy-to-use interactive experience. This means that ichibod.com will be easier to update, and will be updated more frequently.

Leaderboard App

Effient’s trade show booth featured a large setup for remote-controlled cars racing around a track. A large video display showed live race feeds, an announcer video, and current record holders via the Effient Leaderboard. It tracks the top 10 fastest times of the race participants.

The leaderboard was created as two separate AIR applications that “talk to each other” via local connection. The display application was updated via the offscreen admin application. The admin half utilized a sqlite database to update and delete entries from the display half.

Atmosphere AIR app

eVE Atmosphere is a project designed as a pitch for a client in California.

“Atmosphere” was created to demonstrate the versatility of the AbelsonTaylor eVE framework and the creative flexibility the eVE platform provides. The application was built in Adobe AIR and was a departure from previous eVE-based demos because it displayed content as if they were planes floating in a dimensional space.

From start to finish the project took 3 weeks to complete for three developers (including myself).

builder database tool

AbelsonTaylor’s Flex-based eVE framework uses sqlite databases in Adobe AIR as the data source for eVE applications. eVE builder is the companion desktop application to eVE, allowing for visual, drag-and-drop database creation. No DBA needed.

I designed the user experience via sketches and paper prototypes; to overcome the complex database schema eVE uses. I designed the UI to feel fun and serious, and made sure to incorporate as much as possible to make builder feel like a native application.

The biggest UX challenge was creating an easy-to-use interface for implementing complex business logic for grouping, one-time grouping, single-direction grouping, and preventative ordering of content. The result was a drag-and-drop visual display of the rule system, with simple messages alerting when other rules would be undone due to conflicting business logic.

eVE builder was completed by myself and another developer in 3 months, all design and development.

Nintendo World Report 2.0

I was involved with Nintendo World Report for 7 years. I designed and coded the HTML and CSS for this website in 2008. Version 2.0 went live in July 2010.

NWR wanted to incorporate more social features that extended the popularity of its forums to the rest of the website. This included designing logins, profile pages, and page comments. I created a 3-column layout and moved the main navigation to a horizontal bar at the top of the page.

Nintendo World Report 2.0 is a huge transition to a more socially connected NWR. This will help engage visitors and draw more traffic to the already popular website.

AT Flex Framework

AbelsonTaylor develops Interactive Visual Aids (IVAs). These are applications that sales representatives use to inform doctors about specific drugs.

eVE is a Flex 3 framework to allow developers to easily create IVAs for Tablet PCs. I to play many roles on the development team from system architect to front end specialist. I am experienced in creating visual life-cycle compliant Flex components that tie in with backend data.

I created 90% of the visual display components, architected interfaces for interoperability for navigational components, worked with the other members of the development team on the data structures, and wrote most of the ASDoc API documentation.

Cook Pharmica

Cook Pharmica represented my first foray into of Ruby on Rails development.

I designed the layout for the website in Photoshop and the developed the rails content with the HTML and CSS layout that I had created.

The site has since been modified to run via PHP.

Central Indiana Dance Ensemble

Central Indiana Dance Ensemble is a non-profit dance company. I was approached to design a website and a content management system for CIDE to maintain the site.

The website required creation of performances and events, including the ability to upload photos. Events also required ticket sales to integrate with CIDE’s PayPal shopping cart. These features are all easily handled through the custom CMS.

The site is written in standards compliant XHTML and CSS. The backend of the website was coded in PHP with a MySQL database.

Nintendo World Report

Nintendo World Report (NWR) is a rebranding update to the former Planet GameCube (PGC).

I had creative freedom and lead the rebranding of Nintendo World Report. The original PGC website layout was busy and lacked visual hierarchy. I went for a minimalist approach for the NWR brand and carried this throughout. The website was redesigned to place more focus on the content. The business cards were also redesigned using the new branding.

NWR took 4 months to design and program in XHTML and CSS. The designs were then passed off to the IT Managing Editor to integrate into the Cold Fusion backend.

IU School of Fine Arts Gallery

The SoFA Gallery is located in the Indiana University School of Fine Arts building. The gallery has a rotating schedule of artwork from students and artists from all over the world.

I designed and developed the website for the SoFA Gallery including a custom CMS for updating and maintaing the website by the gallery staff.

The website was developed with PHP and uses a MySQL database to store the content. The administration area also allows for the easy uploading of imagery and resizes the images automatically on the server to fit within the defined content areas.

Pickles and Fudge

Pickles and Fudge is a website devoted to one of my first musical interests, The Bloodhound Gang. It is the largest repository for Bloodhound Gang-related information on the Internet.

The website has many features including (nearly) complete discography, lyrics, photos, news and tour dates. The website is named Pickles and Fudge after one of the Gang’s first demo tracks. It has a robust custom CMS to add albums, lyrics, and songs to albums and easily be able to automatically link to the other respective content pages.

The current iteration of the website has grown with me as my development skills have grown. Pickles and Fudge has been around since early 1999, and peaked in popularity with the release of The Bad Touch in 2000. Since then they have released two full-length albums.


Federal Action Command Against the Dark Enemy (F.A.C.A.D.E.) was the title of my BFA thesis. The basis being the world, more poignantly the United States, has been at war, led me to the conclusion that we would always be at war.

F.A.C.A.D.E.’s intention was that, we (humanity) had run out of enemies and turned to fighting something as ridiculous as our shadows.

The piece was centered around a projector running a Flash-based “registration” system. A “thumbprint scanner” (a modified mouse) was used to initiate the registration process. The “scan” would randomly assign attributes to the registrant based on things learned from the scan and then place them into one of 5 different departments.

I am a developer/designer based out of Chicago, Illinois. I thrive on creating. I build easy-to-use, intuitive experiences, and I am always looking for the next challenge.

I have started a mobile and web development company that specializes in mobile apps for iOS devices called Psychomomo.

Some work Psychomomo work includes Re-Cycle, ParkWhiz, the mobile app for KiddieNotes.