Ryan Jones’ Recent Work

I am a designer turned developer that focuses mainly on Apple platforms
(iOS, OS X, watchOS, tvOS)

Quikit for iOS

Easily combine, cross fade, and share videos using Quikit’s innovative interface designed by Psychomomo.

Lock for iOS

Built from the ground up in 49 days, Lock was a way to quickly engage with your friends to see who was better at fantasy sports.

Re-Cycle for iOS

Re-Cycle helps save you money by timing your Divvy ride. It displays the quickest, most bike-friendly, route to your destination!

ParkWhiz for iOS

By building version 2 and 3, I helped thousands of people save money and time by purchasing parking via the ParkWhiz app.

KiddieNotes for iPad

I completed UI and UX work for the app, which helped speed up data entry and allowed teachers spend more time with their children.

Fly Delta for iOS

I worked with AKQA’s team for over a year to develop the Fly Delta app; used by millions of travelers every day.